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Caroline is dedicated to inspire and empower individuals and groups, so that they can achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams and live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.


Success Coach, Professional Organizer, Trainer and International Speaker, Caroline Rochon travels the world to deliver her powerful messages of inspiration and empowerment. She was trained on how to experientially teach the principles of success and how to facilitate individual and group transformation by none other than Jack Canfield, best-selling author known for his contribution to the books Chicken Soup for the Soul® and author of the Success Principles™ and featured in "The Secret".


Based on this experiential method, Caroline enables visual, auditory and kinesthetic people to assimilate concepts and ideas effectively. Her charisma, expertise, generosity and contagious joie de vivre capture the attention of the most diverse groups, allowing them to initiate their alchemy in a collaborative environment.


Appreciation at Work™, December 2013

Caroline is a Premiere Partner and Certified Facilitator for Appreciation at Work™,  based on the book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. White. This training equips managers and employees in creating a positive and productive work environment.


INC Monterrey, Mexico, November 2013 

Caroline had the pleasure and honor to be among the list of top international speakers presenting in Monterrey, Mexico at the INC Monterrey (Innovate. Network. Create) - Better Life Day.  A festival for entrepreneurs, where 4000 people participated in this event.


TEDx, India , September 2012

Caroline spoke at a TEDx event in Chennai, India as well as taking part of the speaking and media tour organized around this occasion.  Speaking in front of 1400 engineer students at the Saveetha University was also a significant highlight. 


Media Presence, 2008 to present

Caroline is a sought after guest expert and is a multifaceted personality as a television and radio columnist, content writer, and inspirational speaker. She was a local radio personality with 104.7 FM (2009-2011), a columnist on the TVA show Tout Simplement Clodine (2008-2009) and on Rogers TV show Nat en Parle (2013 to present) as well as a spokesperson for Avery products (2009-2010).



Caroline authored the book, Me and My Clutter- Confessions and Secrets of a Professional Organizer, published in French in 2011 with Éditions Béliveau. The release of her second The Power to Choose (unofficial title) is scheduled to be published in English in 2014.  Caroline is also working on three other books when the inspiration strikes.


Thorough knowledge of corporate, federal and financial world

Caroline accumulated over 20 years of experience in the workplace before going into business in 2005.

She worked in the federal public service, in the corporate and financial world, where she was able to put to good use her creativity in project management and problem solving. Caroline fully comprehends the joys and challenges of employees and management.


Pay it Forward

Since 2005, Caroline had been a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, where she sat on the Ottawa Executive Committee for six years.  From 2010 to 2013, she was also on the Board of Directors for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Outaouais, where she still plays a role as a mentor and friend.  Caroline gets involved in numerous causes such the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Outaouais as an ambassador for the Red Dress Gala.   


In 2010, Caroline was the winner of the "Self Employed Entrepreneur of the Year" award with the Professional and Business Women’s Network in Outaouais.


Let yourself be transformed by Caroline’s passion and authenticity!



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I share with you my favorite quote. I read it almost every day with each phrase resonating in me.


My Mentor Jack Canfield & Legacy

Here I am in the company of my mentor, Jack Canfield (bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul©, The Secret and The Success Principles). photo taken by Esther Campeau Maitre Emerite


TEDx Chennai – India

I will accomplish three of big dreams all at the same time (they were on my bucket list)!



“Thank you Caroline, for the inspiration it gave me the right push that I needed to move forward!”

- Monique (Ontario, Canada)

"Whether it's an educational presentation or a talk of inspiration, I have seen Caroline - authentic, professional - linked to her public and especially generous to share her knowledge, life lessons and emotions. Her message is powerful and inspires us to take the helm of our lives! With all my heart, thank you Caroline."

- Francine Provost, Owner EKIP Training and Consulting (Quebec, Canada)

"My beautiful Caroline, I really want to congratulate you for your excellent keynote presentation. You really have the gift of touching people's heart by your authenticity and depth of your message. You made me think, you made me laugh, you made me cry. Thank you for being such a great inspiration and your generosityon stage."

- Carole Thériault (Quebec, Canada)

“I am honoured to be coached by Caroline. She listens, hears, feels and understands the true essence of me. Because of these powerful gifts of intuition and insight and more, she’s helped me discover myself and the path to achieving my goals.”

- Lorraine Gabriel (Alberta, Canada)

“I had the (good sense) to choose Caroline Rochon as a coach and I congratulate myself every day. Caroline proposed a “Vision of Success” exercise. She has really understood who I am, my essence and has done a tremendous job to put on paper what I have in my heart, what is important to me and my authenticity. I never felt so well understood. This exercise is absolutely powerful. I am convinced of the depth, strength and effectiveness of "My vision of Success in 2012". It’s exactly what I need to be able to move up and make my craziest dreams come true.”

- Rachel (Ontario, Canada)

Comments collected after a workshop on Organizing your Office: “Very helpful;” “Practical and very relevant;” “Will take away and implement lots of the information;” “So good to get to know and understand ourselves;” “Very, very interesting and practical;” “Excellent presentation;” “Excellent;” “Dynamic, She is passionate!”

- National Capital Commission (Ontario, Canada)


November 20, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
In her workshop with my sales team of 30 people, Caroline succeeded at capturing the attention of a very difficult, diverse, intelligent and experienced group.
The room immediately transformed into a place where positive energy translated into collaboration and openness ... and lots of laughs.
The workshop included a great mix of Success Principle materials as well as great individual and group exercises that were energizing and enlightening, while non-threatening to individuals.
The result was extraordinary. The feedback I received from the team was that Caroline took them to places in their hearts, in their heads, at home or at work, places that can be uncomfortable, relieving and rewarding at the same time.
Caroline opens her own heart to the audience. She includes great applications examples, taken from within her own life experiences. Her positive, humble, down-to-earth style is highly effective and makes the material so much more relevant to the attendees when reflecting on their own needs and how to strive towards happiness, as well as personal and professional achievements.
Caroline will come back to meet my team. I am convinced there will be a long-lasting effect on our common quest to drive change, create a productive, positive environment, and ultimately obtain business results by making raving fans of our customers and our suppliers.
Thanks Caroline. Great job and good luck.
Guy Ragault
General Manager, Florida Area
Arrow Electronics, Inc.
- Guy Ragault, GM, Florida Area Arrow Electronics, Inc.

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