Themes & topics

Transforming Your Life – Themes & Topics

  • The 5 Languages Of Appreciation : Empowering Organization by Encouraging People
  • Power of Choice - Turning any difficult event into a positive and empowering outcome (personal inspirational testimonial)
  • Make Room for your Dreams by Decluttering your Space, your Relationships, your Mind, your Beliefs…
  • Building a “Self-Care Plan” at Home & at Work
  • Mastering your Fears to be Fearless!
  • Strengthen the Ties of your Team to Create a Positive Future
  • Corporate Vision – Innovative and creative ways to align individual & departmental visions to the company's objectives.
  • Toolbox for Success – Obtain the basics tools to create the life that you want.
  • Release the brakes to push your limits!
  • Five Keys to Success for Transforming your Life
  • Create a Winning Network
  • I found my passion under my clutter!


Organizing / Decluttering Themes & Topics

  • Declutter and Organize Your Life
  • Organize Your Office So It Works for You
  • Right- and Left-Brain Hemispheres: How They Work Differently
  • Using the OLAF Method to Better Manage Your Time and Priorities (Objectives, Lists, Agenda, Focus)
  • Mind Mapping : Use mind maps to organize ideas effectively

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