Why choose Caroline


1. SPEAKING at your event or facilitating a TRAINING session for your group

2. COACHING committed individuals (one of my first questions to you will be are you committed or interested in making changes in your professional and personal life?)

3. Accompanying people to create space in their lives by DECLUTTERING AND ORGANIZING their spaces and lives.

4. Being a GUEST EXPERT on your television show, radio program, magazine or other media.





Each keynote presentation or workshop may be adapted and personalized to meet your demands, challenges, objectives and your needs as well as:

Languages:    English, French or Bilingual (Caroline alternates between the two languages)

Length:            Keynote presentations: 45 to 90 minutes  AND  Workshops offered in a 3 hour session, and up to a 1 to 3 day event

Audience:      Conferences, conventions, meetings, exhibitions and other public events.  Federal, provincial and municipal government employees. Individuals in the financial and medical field.  College and University Students.   Sales and Leadership Teams.   Management and Leadership Teams.   Solo Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises.   Women’s Associations

Topics:         A variety of presentations are offered under the general themes of TRANSFORMATION – APPRECIATION IN THE WORKPLACE – INSPIRATION and  LIBERATION.  See Themes and Topics Tab for more details.



     Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Productivity Coaching available in various packages to meet your objectives, needs and budget.


I. Inspired to Action Laser Coaching

You would like to be inspired to action with an impromptu appointment with Caroline? This 90 minutes coaching session will laser focus on getting you on track to pursue your project, your dream or your well-being.  Clarity and wind in your sails guaranteed!


II. Positive Momentum Monthly Coaching

You are committed to making a positive impact and difference in your life and the ones surrounding you?  You want to build momentum on your projects, have someone to be accountable to, run your ideas with, strategies with, ask you questions that will make you grow and step out of your comfort zone, plant ideas for you to reflect upon, support you in your moments of doubts and celebrate with your accomplishments. Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Productivity Coaching available. A telephone/Skype interview is conducted for me to explain my coaching model and also to see our degree of compatibility; if I am the right type of coach for you or your needs and if you are an ideal client for me.  I want to be excited to be coaching you and I want you to be excited to be coached by me.



Imagine that you could stop time to reflect, brainstorm and plan…With no interruptions… from 9 am to 5 pm…

Your V.I.P. Day is a one-on-one with Caroline to:

-  Reconnect with your dreams and desires

-  Gain clarity

-  Set intentions and goals

-  Identify and learn release techniques for your fears and limiting beliefs

-  Plan your ideas and goals efficiently

And so much more…

Caroline will leverage her skills, knowledge, intuition and wisdom as a success coach, professional organizer, business owner and entrepreneur and focus solely on you and your needs so you leave empowered and inspired to action.


The day is typically held in her apartment with an inspiring view of the National Gallery of Canada, the Outaouais River, Château Laurier & the Parliament,  or,

The day can be held in the location of your choice and modalities can be discussed over the phone.


“For me, working with Ms. Rochon has been nothing short of a pleasure.  I look forward to our days of work and have achieved far more already after just a few months than I had dared to imagine before I undertook the project of organizing my home.  I have also harnessed her positivity to keep me moving forward in my endeavours even between our sessions. She is discreet, respectful, empathic, and sensitive to the emotional conflicts in which clients find themselves in relation to their possessions. Her centeredness and passion about the core values of her business are a model for living a life of integrity.” Lisa, Chelsea, Quebec

                   I.            Right-Left Brain Hemisphere Dominance Assessment and Consultation

                  II.            In-home/Office Consultation

                III.            Telephone/Skype Consultation

                IV.            In-home Decluterring and Organizing



Caroline is a sought after guest expert and is a multifaceted personality as a television and radio columnist, content writer, and inspirational speaker.

If you would like Caroline to be part of your television or radio show, to write an article for your magazine or paper, or be a spokesperson or ambassador for your event, product or service, please email your detailed request to Caroline.

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